Serving the whole birthing mother and family.


Photo by David Molnar Photography

Photo by David Molnar Photography

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I'm Betsy, welcome to the WholeBirth, where my goal is to serve the whole mama-heart, mind, and body.

First, I'm a wife to Brennen; next, I'm a mama to two wildfire boys, Isaac and Charlie. They're the best surprises I've ever gotten. My doula journey began not knowing what a doula was, or that birth could ever be a positive, peaceful experience. Five years ago the passion for women returning to joy in birth and experiencing empowerment, peace, and strength during the process of pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum stage awakened within me like a dormant volcano I never knew was there. As soon as I discovered this work, I'd never felt more at home in something.

Since then, I've given birth twice myself, experiencing the whole gamut of interventions as well as redemption and freedom. I've been there at 42+ weeks pregnant, hot in the middle of Tennessee June. Walking into an induction I dreaded and was the last thing I wanted, still having 24 hours of interventions and fighting to go through to meet my son, as well as the hours of therapy and processing to deal with the trauma. I've also been on the other end, on my bed, water broken, suddenly realizing my baby was coming far too quickly for us to make it to the car, let alone the hospital. Then experiencing the strength and joy in birthing him myself, knowing I did it

A doula is of course always a support, resource, and advocate. However, to me, being a doula is summed up into this: sitting and being with. My goal with every client is that they would always know they are not alone, and that they've got this.