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Hey Mama

Some thoughts, feels, and laughs about this pregnancy, birthing, and mommying thing. Let's work on thriving together.

I See You

Hey mama, thanks for coming by. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look around! Consider this the first of many letters, little notes to you. Just one mama to another. All doing this mama thing day by day at a time. Season by season. I’ll have some thoughts here and there, some things I’ve found helpful, some love just to share. 

Consider this place that friend’s house with the perfect comfy couches that invite you just to exhale. Where you know how to work the coffee maker. You know where your favorite mug is, and you have no hesitations in getting a cookie out of the cabinet. The friend who doesn’t care if you haven’t put deodorant on today, your kids trash her living room, or if you forgot wipes (it’s cool, you know where her extras are). You can talk about kids the whole time and no one is mad about it. Or, you can open the bottle of chardonnay together at 10:45 AM because #mamasaidtheredbedayslikethis. Even if you don’t talk about literally anything at all it’s cool, because you were together and no one felt alone today.

Can we be real? That’s not really a question, because it’s kind of rule one for this place. 

Mommy-ing can be really, really lonely. Self-care looks like a lot of different things (we’ll talk about that one some more later), and sometimes, we just need to know that someone, anyone sees us. 

This is a place where my hope for you would be that you experience this message loud and clear: 

“You are seen. You are heard. You are enough. You can do it. You are doing it. You’ve got this.”

Let’s do this mama tribe thing together in all seasons and weather, cheering each other on. We’re all going to make it, but why just make it? Let’s thrive on the way. Let’s be fully alive-and teach our children that being alive is not selfish. So here’s to the mission of thriving mamas, will you join me?